Advanced Impact Pattern Analysis With HemoSpat

Title: Advanced Impact Pattern Analysis With HemoSpat
Next Course: (next class)
Contact: Andy Maloney
Where: Canadian Police College
1 Sandridge Rd., Ottawa

Airport: Ottawa International Airport (YOW)
Instructors: Andy Maloney, FORident Software
(Assistant TBD)

This course is “advanced” in the sense that we will not be covering the basics of HemoSpat. Attendees are expected to have already analyzed a pattern or two. For those attendees without licenses, we will set you up with a “training” version in advance of the course to run through some patterns.

Limited to 12 students. We require a minimum of 8 to run the course.


  • Review of key concepts
  • Why use software?
  • How does HemoSpat work?
  • Surface & pattern documentation
  • Hands-on project with multiple impacts
  • Hands-on project with multiple impacts with angled surfaces
  • Exporters & viewing data

The emphasis is on the hands-on portion. Students will fully document & analyse two mock scenes each with multiple impacts.


Since this course has not been run in a while, the costs would have to be reassessed based on CPC’s costs.

Generally, there is a tuition fee and then optional accommodation and meals at the college.

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